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This web page has been created to meet the needs of Multnomah County middle and high school students researching current social issues from multiple perspectives.
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General Social Issues Resources

The American Civil Liberties Union.
Best Information on the Net
From Kingswood Library.

Conversations Network a non-profit online publisher of recordings of spoken-word events.

Current Topics for Research
From O'Keefe Library at St. Ambrose University.
Hot Topics
From San Diego State University.
Hot Topic Supersites
From San Diego State University.
International Topics and Issues
From the US Deptartment of State.
Find legislation and court decisions online.
Historic Supreme Court Decisions - By Topic
The Legal Information Institute provides this site.
Oyez Oyez Oyez
Northwestern University's US Supreme Court Multimedia Database.
First Amendment Handbook
From the Reports Committee for a Free Press.



Abortion Megasites

Alan Guttmacher Institute: Abortion
This site provides abortion and reproduction statistics.


Abortion: All Sides of the Issue
From the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. Pro and con information about abortion. Basic facts about pregnancy, religious and ethical aspects, public opinion, abortion methods, laws and more.


Legal Status of Abortion
Includes a map of the world that presents the status of abortion in various countries.


Who Decides? A State-by-State Review of Abortion and Reproductive Rights
This 2003 edition presents each states position, and various politicians positions, like the governor. Most of these documents are in pdf format. You will need to download and install Acrobat Reader (free) to view documents.


NARAL Press Releases & Statements
The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League site presents information about and advocacy for reproductive rights.


NARAL Fact & Issue Briefs
National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League factsheets are designed to give you a quick look at the status of a reproductive health issue.


The latest news from the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.


NOW and Abortion Rights/ Reproductive Issues
NOW's stand on and history supporting abortion rights.


Planned Parenthood: Abortion
Information from Planned Parenthood regarding laws, fact sheets, information on how to prevent abortion, how abortions are performed, and more.


Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, founded in 1973, is forty national Christian, Jewish, and other religious organizations that support a woman's right to choose. Includes many essays and publications on such topics as late term abortions, an overview of religious support for choice, and biblical perspectives.


Humane Vitae (On The Regulation of Birth)
Encyclical Letter of His Holiness Pope Paul VI.


National Campaign to End Partial-Birth Abortions
Hear testimony and discussions against partial-birth abortions.


National Right to Life
National organization promoting the right to life. Includes information on partial-birth abortions, abortion alternatives, press releases, and medical facts regarding abortion.


Ohio Right to Life: Abortion
The Ohio Right to Life organization provides issues, laws and actions, books, statistics and more.


On the Value and Inviolability of Human Life
Encyclical letter addressed by the Supreme Pontiff, John Paul II.


National Prolife News
Various pro-life resources sponsored by Lifeaction Advocates, a local right to life organization in Gainesville, FL.

Supreme Court Decisions

Supreme Court Decisions Concerning Reproductive Rights: A Chronology: 1965 - 2001


Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania et al vs. Casey, Governor of Pennsylvania, et al. (Case Number 505 U.S. 833 (1992)


ROE v. WADE, 410 U.S. 113 (1973)


ROE v. WADE, 410 U.S. 113 (1973)


Stenberg v. Carhart


Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services


Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action Megasites

The Affirmative Action and Diversity Project: A Web Page for Research
From the Department of English at the University of California, Santa Barbara, this site "presents diverse opinions regarding Affirmative Action topics; rather than taking a singular pro or con position, it is designed to help lend many different voices to the debates surrounding the issues of affirmative action."

Equal Employment Opportunities and Affirmative Action
Upper level college student project at St. Norbert College. Includes background information on affirmative action, laws, links to both opposed and supportive sites.


A History of Affirmative Action in the U.S.
From University of California, Santa Barbara, this site includes supreme court cases, laws and regulations and reports about affirmative action.


Ten Myths About Affirmative Action
The following essay appeared in an issue of the Journal of Social Issues entitled "The Affirmative Action Debate: What's Fair in Policy and Programs?" (Winter 1996; Volume 52, Issue 4, pp. 25-31)..


Against Affirmative Action
Upper level college student project at St. Norbert College.


Proposition 209:Prohibition Against Discrimination or Preferential Treatment by State and Other Public Entities. Initiative Constitutional Amendment
Official Title and Summary prepared by the Attorney General.


Hopwood vs. State of Texas
Reversing affirmative action decision. PDF document.


University of California Regent v. Bakke, 438 U.S. 265


Johnson v. Board of Regents


Smith v. University of Washington


Taxman v. Board of Education of the Town of Piscataway


EEO Laws and Regulations
Equal Employment Opportunity laws.



AIDS Megasites

Answers to frequently asked questions and facts about AIDS, youth and HIV and more.


John Hopkins AIDS Service
Resources from John Hopkins University. Inlcudes publications, education, resources, prevention and more.


Multnomah County Library Homework Center Diseases & Viruses: AIDS
AIDS/HIV information and facts.


Oregon Health Division: HIV Program
Includes weekly AIDS surveillance report, Oregon 2002 HIV/AIDS Report, and more.

AIDS Legislation

HIV/AIDS Bureau: Law and Policy
From the US Department of Health, this page highlights laws and policies related to HIV and AIDS in the US.


The Body: Legal Issues
Read the ACLU civil rights statement, US Department of Justice statement, and more.


Your Voice with Government
Activists action alerts and more legislative issues.


Alcohol & Drinking Age

See also Drunk Driving

Alcohol & Drinking Age Megasites

Drinking Age Limits
The International Center for Alcohol Policies presents various reports related to alcohol, including alcohol and your health, policies on alcohol and pregnancy, binge drinking and more.


Drinking Age
The International Center for Alcohol Policies presents an overview of the drinking age issue, from what the debate is to international approaches to the topic.


Legal Drinking Age
This site identifies the problem, provides a possible solution and also presents drinking age statistics from around the world.


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Publications, frequently asked questions, and more.

21: The Drinking Age

Fact Sheet: Minimum Drinking Age Laws
The National Traffic and Highway Administration presents this PDF document explaining the 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act.


The Minimum Legal Drinking Age: Facts and Fallacies
The American Medical Association presents a brief history and research findings regarding the National Minimum Drinking Age Act.


Alliance on Underaged Drinking
Advocacy group against underaged drinking.


Minimum Drinking Age Laws,1056,4565,00.html
MADD presents statistics to support keeping the drinking age at 21.

Drinking Age Needs to be Changed

Drinking Age
This site provides drinking age news, opinions, research and discussions.


National Youth Rights Association: Get Informed
This site advocates for lowering the drinking age.


The Aftermath of 1984
This site by Youth Truth, a publication for a society free from age restrictions, presents an opinion piece for repealing the national age restriction on drinking.


International Drinking Age Limits
This site presents statistics and information about the cultural aspects of alcohol in societies around the world.


Why the Drinking Age Should be Lowered
This research paper from Professor Ruth C. Engs at Indiana University cites why the national drinking age should be lowered.

Alcohol & Drinking Age Legislation

Drinking Age Limits
The International Center for Alcohol Policies identifies drinking and purchasing ages from countries around the world.


Legislative Analysis for the National Minimum Drinking Age Act
An essay with sources that looks at the drinking age.


Animal Rights

Animal Rights Megasites

Animal Concerns Community
This site provides in depth information regarding animal welfare, treatment and health.


International Society for Animal Rights
This organization works to end animal injustices and to expose the suffering and exploitation of animals.


The Moral Status of Animals
A site that provides an overview of the different animal rights perspectives in general. The site also breaks down information by animal.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Check out the library for information or go to the kids section for animal rights information.


World Animal Net Directory
"The world's largest database of animal protection societies, with over 6,000 listings and links to more than 1,500 Web Sites. To start a search, select a geographical region in the sidebar or search by category."

Animals in Research

Animal Research
From Americans for Medical Progress, this site explains how medical testing on animals has benefitted humans and animals and addresses ethical issues.


Animal Research Issues
From American Physiological Society, this site presents the APS' policy on animal testing and more.


The Humane Society: Animals in Research
The national Humane Society presents information about the types of animals used in testing, about pain and stress, primates, product testing and more.


The Humane Use of Animals in Research
This site provides animal testing advocacy information.


Laboratory Animal Welfare
This organization helps people learn about animal in testing and research, from alternatives to genetic engineering.


RDS: Understanding Aminal Research in Medicine
This organization helps people understand the medical importance for the use of animals in research.


Animal Legal and Historical Legislation
Repository for any and all national and international animal rights legal materials. Search for US laws and cases as well as world law and cases.


The Animal Welfare Act: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions
From the Animal Welfare Information Center from the Department of Agriculture.


Legislation, Regulations, Policies, and Guidelines
From the Animal Welfare Information Center from the Department of Agriculture.


Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking Statistics & Data | Legislation/Laws

Binge Drinking Statistics & Data

Binge Drinking
This site provides statistics as well as informatioan about short and long term effects of binge drinking and more.


Binge Drinking: Definition
Definition of the term by the Journal of Studies on Alcohol.


Binge Drinking Among Underage Persons
This site provides 2000 data regarding binge drinking by persons under the age of 21 in the United States.


Binge Drinking 101
From PBS' The NewsHour highlights the binge drinking issue.


Binge Drinking and the College Student: What's Five Drinks?
From the Harvard School of Public Health this site presents the article online. This site requires Acrobat Reader. For a complete list of binge drinking articles from this school, see this page


Binge Drinking in Adolescents and College Students
From the Department of Health and Human Services, this site presents information and reference resources about binge drinking.


College Binge Drinking provides a number of articles about binge drinking.


Had Enough? (Binge Drinking Blows)
From the Center of Science in the Public Interest this site presents the issues and concequences of binge drinking.


More Canadian Students Drink But American Students Drink More
From the Harvard School of Public Health, this site provides a comparitive study between Canadian and US college student drinking.


National Alcohol Screening Day
From the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, this site explains how you and your community can participate.


Teen Tipplers: America's Underage Drinking Epidemic
From the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, this site presents their study findings for underage drinking and includes information about binge drinking. This site requires Acrobat Reader.


Trends in College Binge Drinking
From the Journal of American College Health, this site presents the findings of four alcohol surveys from 1993-2001. This site requires Acrobat Reader.


MADD: Under 21: College,1056,1104,00.html
This site from MADD presents information about college drinking and binge drinking.

Drinking Legislation/Laws

This site identifies each states' legal blood alcohol concentration, suspension laws, and first offense fines.


Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment Megasites

Capial Punishment Statistics
This site from the Bureau of Justice Statistics presents recent statistics on executions throughout the states as well as demographic statistics of those on death row throughout the country.


Angel on Death Row
From PBS and Frontline, this site presents pro and con views about the death penalty, interviews with death row inmates, a chronology of capital punishment from the 17th century to the present.


Death Penalty Information: High School Curriculum
This site presents information about pro and con capital punishment, the stages of a capital case, history of the death penalty and methods of execution. The site also provides state by state data and provides a state comparison chart, and it also presents courtroom cases and lets students learn if they would be selected for a jury on this topic.


Capital Punishment: The Death Penalty
The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance present reasons for and against the death penalty as well as it's relation to North America.


The Death Penalty
Read the history and an overview of capital punishment and a state-by-state look at the issue, methods of execution, and death penalty statistics.


Death Penalty Information Center
Information about the death penalty by state, race, costs, and more.


Librarian's Guide to the Best Information on the Net: the Death Penalty
From O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose University.


Talk of the Nation: The Death Penalty
Listen to part of all of this two-hour audio broadcast from National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation.


John Stuart Mill "Speech In Favor of Capital Punishment"
Speech John Stewart Mill presented before Parliament on April 21, 1868 in opposition to a bill banning capital punishment.


Amnesty International: Against the Death Penalty
Current information about the death penalty as well as the organization's stand.


Death Penalty Abolition News
Amnesty International provides uptodate current events surrounding the subject.


The Death Penalty
"The American Civil Liberties Union joins a diverse group of religious, civil liberties and human rights organizations in calling for a new nationwide moratorium on the death penalty."


Death Penalty Facts by State
Click on each state on the map of from the table of contents from below the map to access detailed information about each state's death penalty statistics and legislation.


Death Penalty Law Materials
Federal, state and other materials. "Congress and state legislatures may prescribe capital punishment for certain heinous crimes. It has been held that the death penalty is not a per se violation of the eight amendment's bar on cruel and unusual punishment."


The Justice Project: State Legislation Database
This advocacy group Web site provides information about changes to each state's death penalty legislation.




Enough is Enough
"A campaign, launched in November of 1992, embraces a vision to restore an environment in which citizens are free to raise their children and conduct our lives without the intrusion of illegal sexual material or sexual predators."


Family Friendly Libraries
"A national grassroots network of concerned citizens, librarians and library trustees that believe in: More common sense access policies to protect children from exposure to age-inappropriate materials without parental consent." "Does not encourage removal of collection material."


ACLU Cyber Liberties
From the American Civil Liberties Union, this site promotes the right to free speech.


Multnomah County Library Homework Center: Banned Books Week
The library's site on censorship and banned books for Banned Books Week.


National Coalition Against Censorship
This site provides uptodate information about censorship around the country.


Banned Books On-line
"A special exhibit of books that have been the objects of censorship or censorship attempts."


Bonfire of Liberties
Traces the history of book censorship from 1200 AD using a graphically intense look at this history.


A Brief History of Banned Music in the United States
Music Censorship : Elvis to Ice-T
This article appeared in REV magazine, a culture and issues monthly in Virginia Beach, VA.


Challenged and Banned Books
From the American Library Association, this site lists the most frequently challenged books and authors for the past year and why these books were challenged.


Electronic Frontier Foundation
Organization promoting freedom in the electronic frontier.


Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Search this Washington DC interest group Web site for the latest free speech challenges, censorship legislation and more.


Internet Censorship
"EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values."


Why Johnny Can't Read: Censorship in American Libraries
Article about books that have been censored in school libraries, as well as more subtle forms of censorship, by award-winning novelist Suzanne Fisher Staples.


Full Text of CIPA
Children's Internet Protection Act full text.


CyberSpace Law
From the FindLaw site, this page presents information about filtering, freedom of expression, censorship and more.


The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
The text of the First Amendment.


First Amendment Project
"A non-profit, public interest law firm established in 1991 to protect, defend, and further the rights to participate in and know about government activities and speak freely about public issues."


Child Labor

Child Labor Megasites | Legislation

See also Sweatshops

Child Labor Megasites

Youth & Labor
From the US Department of Labor, this site presents the federal guidelines for young people to work. The site includes child labor statistics.


By the Sweat and Toil of Children
From the US Department of Labor, this site presents its report on international child labor and the US' committment to eliminate it.


Child Labour
This UNICEF site contains official documents, links to other sites about child labor and children's rights.


Child Labor in America 1908-1912
This site presents the history of child labor during the early twentieth century and includes photographs.


Child Work
This UNICEF site contains official documents, links to other sites, and a quiz to test your knowledge about child labor.


Child Labor Coalition
From the National Consumers League, this site lets you know what companies are involved in child labor and give you contact information to send those companies your remarks.


Child Labor Resource Guide
"Whom to contact at your State Department of Labor for information concerning your state child labor law."


Children in the Fields
From the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs, this site provides facts about children in the fields and information about eliminating child labor.


Global March Against Child Labour
Find information out about the march, the latest child labor information, and about the lives of child laborers and more.


Child Labor Coalition
This site from the National Consumers League presents government, international, and other advocacy group information regarding child labor.


Stolen Dreams
From the Gallery of the Harvard School for Public Health. Photographs of children working various jobs in the United States, Mexico, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia, and India.


The Apparel Industry and Codes of Conduct
This site from the US Department of Labor presents an overview of child labor issues, and suggested codes of conduct to be implemented.


Child Labor Deterence Act
S.706. The purpose of this act: "To prohibit the importation of goods produced abroad with child labor, and for other purposes."


Forced and Indentured Child Labor Prevention Act
S.373 Bill introduced to Congress in 1999 regarding child labor and US imports.


Children's Rights

Children's Rights Megasites

Child Welfare League of America
"America's oldest and largest organization devoted entirely to the well-being of America's vulnerable children and their families."


Children's Defense Fund
The organization exists to "provide a strong and effective voice for all the children of America, who cannot vote, lobby, or speak for themselves. We pay particular attention to the needs of poor and minority children and those with disabilities."


Children Now
" A nonpartisan, independent voice for children, working to translate the nation's commitment to children and families into action."


Children's Rights Council
"A non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents' marital status."


The Future of Children
By The Center for the Future of Children, this online publication is meant to "disseminate timely information on major issues related to children's well-being, with special emphasis on providing objective analysis and evaluation, translating existing knowledge into effective programs and polices, and promoting constructive institutional change."


National Center for Children in Poverty
Mission: "Identify and promote strategies that reduce the incidence of young child poverty in the United States and that improve the life chances of the millions of children under age six who are growing up poor."


UNICEF: United Nations Children's Fund
Includes children's rights, publications, statistics, news and more.


The American Bar Association Center for Children and the Law
Annual reports, publications, factbook, and more.


Creation Science vs. Evolution


Theory of Evolution vs. Creation Science
The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance present various beliefs, proved and disproved theories, links, and references about creation science and evolution.


The Talk.Origins Archive
This usenet newsgroup archive explores the creation and evolution theory.

Creation Science

Creation Science
Jason Browning, Dr. Gerald Lenner, and Mark Rajock, engineers and professionals with graduate degrees, largely in computer science, provide numerous links and debates against evolution.


Creation Science Research Center
"A newsletter discussing what's happening in the world of Creation-Science." Gives a brief overview of beliefs and more.


BBCs Evolution Web site
A "site compiled by the BBC for their Evolution Weekend: March 27-29th, 1998. This site contains a range of materials directly related to the various television programmes shown on BBC TWO over that weekend, in addition to a large amount of original online content" such as the "Extinction Files" which discusses why species die out.


Biology and Evolutionary Theory
What is evolution? Origin of species? Darwinism?Find out here. Read Darwin's The Origin of Species online.


In Defense of Evolution
An article supporting the theory of evolution and negating creationist theory.


Drugs and Drug Abuse

Drugs Megasites

Multnomah County Library Homework Center: Drugs
Information and statistics about various drugs from heroin to tobacco.


Multnomah County Library Homework Center: Social Issues: Legalization of Marijuana
Collection of online resources supporting the legalization of marijuana.


Drug Abuse Trends
The Office of National Drug Control Policy presents statistics on trends in drug-related crimes and looks at drug use trends by individual drug.


DEA: Drug Enforcement Administration
Check out drug statistics and facts and more here.


National Institute on Drug Abuse
Information on drugs abused and more.


Office of National Drug Control Policy
Find news, policies, media campaign information, drug facts and statistics, prevention and education, state and local profiles, and more.


State Drug Profiles
Read about each state's drug profile here. Some city profiles are also available.


Drug Law Timeline
This site provides a timeline of the various US laws significant in the history of US drug legislation.


Say It Straight: The Myths of Marijuana
This DEA publication presents medical and scientific evidence, political, social and cultural issues around this subject.


Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Megasites

Drinking & Driving
Statistics and other information about drinking and driving.


Drinking and Driving Data
From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. See how many car crashes were related to alcohol in your state at this site. Also provided, the legal blood alcohol content for each state, number of alcohol-related deaths and the percentage of deaths related to alcohol for each state.


Fight Drunk Driving
"The Campaign Against Drunk Driving (CADD). Our mission is to eliminate drunk driving as the leading cause of death of young Americans."


Impaired Driving
From the National Institute on Alcohol and Drug Dependence.


Alcohol Alert: Drinking and Driving
From the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.


MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Includes current news and information about drunk driving as well as detailed drunk driving statistics for youth and deaths. Check out the "Under 21" page for more information about alcohol-related information for teenage boys and girls.


MADD: Youth in Action,1056,2044,00.html
A movement of MADD, this site "features eight new anti-drinking programs for and by youth under the 21 legal drinking age."


National Commission Against Drunk Driving
"A non-profit organization of private and public sector leaders who are dedicated to minimizing the human and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes by working to make driving impaired a socially unacceptable act."


MADD Stats & Resources
From MADD, this site presents statistics, laws and drunk driving research as well as underage drinking research.


Public Policy: Rating the States,1056,2424,00.html
From MADD, this site presents "a Report Card on the Nation's Attention to the Problem of Alcohol- and Other Drug-Impaired Driving." Choose a state from the clickable map and learn the total fatalities in a state compared to the US statistic, and the costs involved in drink driving fatalities and injuries.


SADD Online: Students Against Destructive Decisions
Find daily updated bulletins and "interaction between SADD Members and Administrators, Educators, and SADD Partners."


Legislative Analysis for the National Minimum Drinking Age Act
International Youth Rights Action Alliance presents and interesting paper on the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984.


Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Megasites

Environmental Ethics
From the University of San Diego. Includes government and legal resources, articles, National Public Radio transcripts, Web sites and more.


The Environmental Justice Information Page
This site provides a definition of environmental justice, current topics, various reports on related issues and more.


Environmental Defense Fund
Practical action and reports of ways to conserve and to support the environment.


League of Conservation Voters
Keeps up with congressional activities, campaigns, and pro-conservation issues.


Project Underground
"Project Underground exists as a vehicle for the environmental, human rights and indigenous rights movements to carry out focused campaigns against abusive extractive resource activity. We seek to systematically deal with the problems created by the mining and oil industries by exposing environmental and human rights abuses by the corporations involved in these sectors and by building capacity amongst communities facing mineral and energy development to achieve economic and environmental justice."


Protecting our Environment
Campaigns and environmental resources. Endangered species protection, clean water and air, recycling, pollutants, and toxic substances.


Oregon State Public Interest Group's concern for the environment.


Sierra Club
"The Sierra Club is a nonprofit member-supported,public interest organization that promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions--legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral."


EPA: Laws and Regulations
The EPA presents current legislation before Congress as well as public law passed by congress.


Center for International Environmental Law
A great resource for environmental law as it relates to countries around the world. Arranged by topics such as "law and communities" where you can read about community-based environment management efforts in various countries, "biodiversity and wildlife," and "trade and environment," where you can read about trade agreements such as NAFTA and their environmental impact.


Legislative Watch
The Bulletin on Environmental Legislation.


Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide


Ethics Updates: Euthanasia and End-of-Life Decisions
Court decisions, legislation, documents, statistical information, books, articles and videos on the subject. A large site by Professor Lawrence M. Hinman at the University of San Diego.


Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide: All Sides
The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance present ethical questions, public opinion polls, church statements and the current legal status regarding assisted suicide.


The Kevorkian Verdict: The Life and Legacy of the Suicide Doctor
Frontline program reviews Kevorkian's life, the law, the opinions surrounding euthanasia, and more.


Doctor-Assisted Suicide: A Guide to Web Sites and Literature
Longwood University presents this useful pathfinder. It includes newspaper articles, books, Web sites, and legislation.


Voices for the Dying
Site of a nonprofit organization which supports and counsels people in end-of-life decisions. See their "Education Resources" section which includes background information on right-to-die issues, legal developments, a newsletter, and information on advance directives.


Compassion in Dying
This organization "provides information, counseling and support to patients who are facing prolonged and intractable suffering at the end-of-life. COMPASSION offers information and emotional support for all end-of-life options, including intensive pain management, comfort or hospice care, and humane, effective aid-in-dying for those who are in the final stages of illness and whose suffering has become intolerable."


Euthanasia World Directory
Includes a listing of right-to-die societies throughout the U.S. and the world, a newsletter, a detailed Q&A, and a glossary of "end-of-life" terms.


Oregon's Death with Dignity Act Annual Report
Follow the evolution and experiences of the death with dignity movement in Oregon.


The Suicide Machine
A series published by the Detroit Free Press on Kevorkian's suicide machine, history, and the people "who chose the same final act."


International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force
Includes a euthanasia FAQ, an FAQ regarding advance directives, several essays on artificial feeding, an essay on the words used in the assisted suicide debate, and more.


Ohio Right to Life's Euthansia Page
Several essays on such topics as "What's Wrong with Making Assisted Suicide Legal," "Targeting the Vulnerable," and "Eroding Patient's Rights." Also includes a "Withholding Food and Fluids FAQ," and a section on pain management therapy.


Death with Dignity Legislative Watch
Death with Dignity National Center provides the text and a history of the law.


U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Physician Assisted Suicide Cases
From the University of Buffalo's Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care, this site lists transcripts and summaries of court cases regarding assisted suicide. Oregon and Washington State initiatives and controversial laws included.



Famine Megasites

Child Hunger in America
Statistics of hungry children in the US.


"The aim of this site is to help prevent and eradicate hunger by facilitating the free exchange of ideas and information regarding the causes of, and solutions to, hunger."


Mercy Corps International
"A non-profit, voluntary agency that exists to assist the world's suffering, impoverished, and oppressed through emergency relief, self-help projects, and development education."


Second Harvest Food Bank Network
Second Harvest, the nation's largest charitable hunger relief organization. Find your local program or look for volunteer opportunities.


Students Helping Street Kids International
"A public benefit, nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Oregon in 1997 to provide a service-learning opportunity to U.S. students and others."


Bread for the World
"Bread for the World is a nationwide Christian movement that seeks justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers."


Flag Burning

Support Flag Burning

Flag Desecration Amendment Returns
This site from the ACLU presents information about the proposed amendment to outlaw flag burning.

Oppose Flag Burning

Citizens' Flag Alliance
This organization wishes to protect the flag from physical desecration.



Gang Megasites

Gang Research

The siteseeks to dispel stereotypes and present research, original documents, and helpful links.

Juvenile Justice Facts & Figures: Gangs

This site includes each year's National Youth Gang Survey and includes a summary of gang trends from 1996 to 2000.

Combating Street Gangs

National Juvenile Justice Reform Initiatives.

The Coroner's Report

A commercial site produced by a gang researcher and educator. Contains a useful overview of gang history and dynamics.

Juvenile Justice: Gangs

Information and statistics about gangs available in HTML or view with Acrobat Reader plug-in.

Mickey's Place in the Sun: Gangs and Gang Graffiti Resources

A vast collection of annotated links related to gangs.

National Youth Gang Center

Statistics, analysis, legislation, gang program strategies and more.


Gang-Related Legislation: National Youth Gang Center

Gang-related legislation organized by subject and by state.


Gender Issues

Gender Issues Megasites

National Organization for Women

Key women's issues, legislative updates, links to related sites.

MenWeb: M.E.N. Magazine

Interviews, articles, issues.

WWW Virtual Library: The Men's Issues Page

Organizations in the U.S. and Canada.


Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering Megasites

Human Cloning: Religious and Ethical Aspects
From the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, this site provides various aspects and historic information regarding human and embyro cloning.


The First Human Cloned Embryo
Scientic American online presents its feature article on the subject.


National Bioethics Advisory Committee
Site of the agency created by a Presidential Executive Order. Includes publications regarding the science of cloning, religious perspectives, ethical considerations, legal and policy considerations, and commission recommendations. Most of the publications require Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them. You may download it free of charge from


Human Cloning Foundation
This site is in support of human cloning.


American Bioethics Advisory Commission
Established by the American Life League, this site offers position papers and statements regarding cloning and genetics and discusses the President's bioethics policies.


Council for Responsible Genetics
The charge of this organization is to provide the public, researchers, legislators, etc. comprehensive information regarding the social implications of biotechnology. Read position papers regarding various aspects of this issue, check out their analysis of related legislation and issues such as the "gay gene" and genetic privacy.


Human Genome Project
Office of Biological and Environmental Research provides this site.


Scientists Grow Monkeys from Cloned Embryos
CNN Interactive presents their March 1997 article and provides links to related stories and related sites.